Pamela Anderson with another person: the result of plastic surgery Actresses

Памела Андерсон с другим лицом: результат пластической операции актрисы The star of “Baywatch” have gone too far with the “beauty shots”. To such conclusion came from her fans after appearing as a sex symbol at the premiere of “120 BPM” in the framework of the Cannes film festival. The woman’s face seemed fixed, and a smile stretched.
Памела Андерсон с другим лицом: результат пластической операции актрисы

In the mid-90’s wave of popularity swept over Pamela Anderson head, making her heroine fantasies of millions of men all over the planet. However, time has taken its toll and celebrity resorted to the procedures to change the appearance. However, its latest experiment was not a success.

Former “lifeguard of Malibu” appeared at the premiere of the tape “120 BPM” in the black classic dress with a plunging neckline. She refused the usual exaggerated sexual image in favor of understated classics. Hairstyle Pamela also seemed unusual to her fans: Anderson fondness for flowing tresses, this time combed hair back, revealing the face. Image complements of large earrings, inlaid with precious stones.

Памела Андерсон с другим лицом: результат пластической операции актрисы

Overall, the bow was considered successful, but confusion among fans caused the exterior idol. Pamela’s face seemed immobile, slightly changed the shape of the eyes, increased the size of the lips. Fans of the sex symbol of the 90s then came to the conclusion that without surgical intervention there has not been.

Pamela has never denied that her outstanding bust is the result of multiple operations. The size of silicone implants Anderson was regularly changed in the course of her career, and one star even got rid of the usual magnificent forms.

However, the current experiments with plastic surgery obviously failed. Fans of stars recognize that the plastic only it had aged, showing imperfection in all its glory. Pamela herself has not commented on the situation. Now she hardly appeared in films, doing mostly charity work.

Памела Андерсон с другим лицом: результат пластической операции актрисы

Recall that Pamela Anderson has long worked as a model, and in 1992 became famous all over the world, starring in “Baywatch”. Recently, the star appeared at the premiere of the feature-length adaptation of the famous TV series with Dwayne Johnson in the title role. To do this, its release, the actress chose a gold dress to the floor and began to collect the hair in massive hair. Fashion critics praised her for the sexy, sophisticated image, but even then the fans noticed that their idol has really changed, but Pamela’s smile looks natural and not stretched. Apparently, in the pursuit of eternal youth, the 49-year-old star forgot about the limits.