Памела Андерсон поддерживает бойфренда на чемпионате Франции

Men have a sex symbol of the 90s Pamela Anderson was a bajillion, but about some of them she even said in an interview. She supported her husband Tommy Lee in concert, and with others, and not attended events. Now 51-year-old star is often in the stadiums, because her boyfriend is a football star.

Recently there was a match “Marseilles” — “Monaco” in the championship of France, which was attended by a star. She was sitting in the stands with the girls fellow players boyfriend Adil Rami. She saw firsthand the triumph of the team, played her lover. The match ended 3-2 in favor of “Marseille”.

Recall, star of TV series “Baywatch” has moved to its boyfren, 32-year-old Rami. As said the actress in an interview with Daily Mail, after the move, her life changed dramatically. Now Pamela is a regular at football matches (it goes almost all the home games of Olympique de Marseille football club, who plays her lover), and even prepares dinner and goes shopping at the local market.

As she says Anderson, an 18-year difference in a relationship she doesn’t feel. “He calls me “alien.” Says I should be 30 years, not 50, and asks to see my driver’s license,” says the actress.

Meeting with Adil became Pamela is indeed a real salvation. According to the model, she was always afraid of menopause, because her mother at the time extremely difficult to cope with it. When the models appeared, the first signs of menopause (she had become too emotional and sometimes irritable), star of Playboy decided on a radical change in his life and went to France.

“I didn’t know whether to return home. I just wanted to start a new life,” she says.