Памела Андерсон доказала издевательства со стороны бойфренда

Romantic idyll 51-year-old Pamela Anderson with her 33-year-old boyfriend Adil Rami have ended in failure. The actress said that for two years the footballer cheated on her with his ex-lover and mother of his two children, Sidonie Bieman, and also accused him of domestic violence. This time Pamela has provided evidence!

Памела Андерсон доказала издевательства со стороны бойфренда

Charges former lover angered Rami, and he has published in his Instagram post back in which he said that accusations of abuse are nothing more than wild fantasy of Pamela. The star did not stop, and published a proof of a charitable organization for helping people in different situations, thus inspiring other women not to remain silent. Anderson released a couple of photos from his hospital bed and videos.

According to star, a few months ago she had to seek medical help due to rough handling. Once Adil strongly squeezed her hand, which led to the fractures. Star 6 months trying to cover up the beatings by Adil. Turning to doctors, the star did not immediately disclose the actual cause of the injury. “I told the clinic that it’s like arthritis. I just couldn’t tell the doctor that in fact that Adil has caused me this pain. Although I said this to the sister and representative of his football club. The nurse just advised me to be patient and assured that he will change,” said Pamela.

The photo shows Pamela in a hospital bed, and a receipt from the medical institution for services rendered. In the video, the actress wrapped the hand with an elastic bandage. Star argues that since the beginning of the relationship, Rami showed himself to be a raging jealous type and wouldn’t even let her alone in places where there are free men.

According to Pamela, Rami tried to contact her personally to understand the situation. The event caused a huge resonance in the society that led to the dismissal of the athlete from the games for football club Marseille. As stated by Anderson, Adil even threatened her with physical violence. “Last week he threatened to break my legs. Then he remembered that beats women and he said that I was lucky,” said Pamela.

On the website of the charity the actress also attached screenshots of correspondence with a former girlfriend and the mother of two sons, Adil Rami, Sidonie Beamon. It turned out that she told Pamela about infidelity Rami.

Recall that despite the difference in age Pamela was seriously thinking about having a future with the footballer Adil Rami. They planned a wedding and children, but something did not grow together. Adil promised sweetheart that after France became the world Cup champion, he will do star offer. The word football kept and presented to the c ring Cartier the impressive diamond. But Pamela refused and the guy even insisted on parting.

As you know, for the sake of Pamela defender of the club “Seville” and the national team of France, Adil left his civil wife, French model Sidonie Bieman, and twin sons Zane and MADI. The kids then were only a couple of months, but Adil did not stop. As reported by TMZ, this was the cause of separation.

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