Pamela Anderson in a sheer shirt is stunning Australia

Памела Андерсон в прозрачной футболке ошеломляет Австралию

Памела Андерсон в прозрачной футболке ошеломляет Австралию

Pamela Anderson still can surprise the audience. It proved her last trip to Australia on November 25. The star descended from the ladder and stood before welcoming in a completely transparent white shirt.

52-year-old Pamela Anderson is no stranger to cause excitement wherever she went, and it didn’t change when she November 25, walked through the airport in Brisbane, Australia. The TV star got out of his plane of the gate in tight black leggings, with a passport and a black sweatshirt in his hands. However, the most attractive part of the ensemble pam was her white t-shirt that was practically transparent! Pam, most importantly, confidently walked herself through the airport, and her beautiful blonde hair evolved once in “Baywatch”.

Памела Андерсон в прозрачной футболке ошеломляет Австралию

The former Bay Watch star is in Australia for you to commercials, and it is quite busy with a variety of television shows, some of which are quite tense. During her appearance on September 6 show, The View, the conversation became quite unstable, when co-host Meghan McCain began to put pressure on pam about her relationship with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Megan called Julian a “cyberterrorist” for leaking classified information received from “Chelsea manning” and 250 000 additional parts privileged information in the period from 2010 to 2016. “He hacked into information. It leaks included secret documents that put at risk our national security, our military and the lives of spies and diplomats,” said Megan, Pamela.

Pam told Megan and women on show The View that, in its opinion, the scandal surrounding Julian, was “a smear campaign is a lie”. It was definitely unpredictable conversation, to say the least, but that was not the end. Pamela was even criticized for her outfit as native American or indigenous person on Halloween this year. To that end, she tweeted an article from Law & Liberty called “the Illogic of cultural appropriation”. This story had a very negative effect on the image of the star. A lot of her fans very sharply perceived, this entirely innocent gesture.
Despite these recent events, Pamela is still busy. Currently, she is in Australia to film a promotional video for the company’s roadside services Ultra Tune. Fans can expect that the television personality will soon appear in this ad campaign!

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