Pamela Anderson has written an open letter to Julian Assange

Памела Андерсон написала открытое письмо Джулиану Ассанджу

The star of “Baywatch” actress Pamela Anderson has written an open letter dedicated to Julian Assange, branding Prime Minister Theresa may as “the worst Prime Minister in history” and calling for the release of the WikiLeaks founder.

June 19 marked five years since Julian settled in London in the Embassy of Ecuador. There’s a man hiding from the law in many countries due to the fact that it his aforementioned published correspondence of the senior management of most of these States.
In a post entitled “Why my heart is with Julian” Anderson called on world leaders, including China, to intervene and help to free the Australian. Pamela believes that there is no longer any reason to keep Assange “locked in a small room” at the present time, as Sweden, initiated his investigation, abandoned their case against him.
“But Theresa may, which kept him in prison in the Embassy for five years, refuses to let him go. Theresa may, who is barely clinging to power. She is the worst Prime Minister in history” continues Pamela.
In his letter, Emerson also invited the President of France Emmanuel Makron and his wife Bridget at the opening of her new restaurant in France to be held in July this year, and asked him to grant asylum to Assange. She also appealed to the leader of labour’s Jeremy Corbin, emphasizing their mutual compassion for animals, and asked to osobistosti in the liberation of her friend. The actress also said that Julian should pay compensation for all the sufferings that he suffered.
In a letter published on ex-model edition of “Playboy” concluded that “bravery and courage” do Assange’s sexual in her eyes.
“I love you, Pamela” — the letter was signed by the actress. This letter has been called “love”. Anderson for several months, does not hide his sympathy for Julian and openly declares her feelings for him. However, this did not stop her to go on a date with her ex-husband Shauna Sands Roman and Saventhem last week. The couple stayed in one of the restaurants in Los Angeles until 2: 30 in the morning, holding hands, left in an unknown direction.