Памела Андерсон поддержала сына в его конфликте с отцом
The actress spoke out against the ex-spouse who decided to sue Brandon.

Pamela Anderson without hesitation took the side of his 21-year-old
son Brandon in his fight with Tommy Lee, first husband of the actress and the father of a young
person. Although Tommy’s son accused of assault and sued him for it in court
Pamela believes that Brandon is innocent. The problem, according to her
opinion, Tommy, who suffers from
alcoholism, but does not want to be treated, which leads to inadequate behavior
ex-husband Anderson.

“All what I wanted
Brandon is that his father stopped drinking. And he struck his father for all the evil that
he caused us. Personally, I pray that Tommy finally began to heal. Indeed, in
this state, he absolutely can’t control it and behaves not as
father. My sons over the past few months trying to help him
to help. This is Brandon and decided to live some time in his father’s house,
to take care of him. I’m afraid that if nothing is done, as
Tommy could deteriorate further!” — wrote 50-year-old Anderson in defense of her son.

As for Brandon, he claims he acted solely in self-defence, when the father
attacked him in a drunken state. “I’m shocked with what happened and want to assure you,
that whole incident is the result
alcoholism of my father. I wanted his battle with the “green snake” remained
internal matter of our family, and not brought for public discussion. But
given that he put forward accusations against me, I have to interrupt my
silence…” — said the son of Anderson.

We will remind: about three weeks ago, Tommy Lee stated that he was in his own
the house was attacked by his son and broke his lip. He demanded an official apology from
Brandon, and when he refused, Tommy filed a lawsuit against son.