Pamela Anderson has questioned the innocence of the victims of the harassment Harvey Weinstein

Памела Андерсон усомнилась в невиновности жертв домогательств Харви Вайнштейна
“They knew perfectly well what you’re getting into!” — said the actress.

Памела Андерсон усомнилась в невиновности жертв домогательств Харви Вайнштейна

Pamela Anderson


Harvey Weinstein


50-year-old Pamela Anderson seriously angered many of their fans. Case
that, in a recent interview,
the actress refused
to join an army
prosecutors Harvey Weinstein. Moreover, the actress is very hinted,
his so-called victims were not so
so naive.

As stated by Anderson, and everybody in Hollywood knew who Harvey Weinstein
and how he behaves with women. “Absolutely everyone was aware that he was dangerous.
Similarly, about the other producers and other Hollywood professionals, was
it is known that they cannot be left alone. And all the victims knew, in
what they are getting into when you went to Weinstein and others like him, in
alone in their hotel room!” — says Anderson.

“The fact that these meetings are organized for Actresses of their agents, it is impossible
to consider any serious justification for their thoughtless behaviour. This
the problem was easy to solve: take, for example, a same agent…” —
said Pamela. “I’m in Hollywood for a long time, and I know that there are a lot of temptations. And
the aspiration of becoming famous can resist not all
women. Many of them tend to
the glory that are trying to convince themselves that they are guaranteed security
the number of adult men are not with the best reputation. I, for one, can’t imagine how it was possible
seeing Weinstein in an unbuttoned bath robe coming out of the bathroom
to turn around and run away!” commented Anderson the words of one of the women
welcome to the solicitation Weinstein.

This statement Pamela has caused a storm. It is, as the distinguished 82-year-old actress Angela
Lansbury, who recently also allowed himself to doubt of the innocence
victims of harassment, immediately enlisted in the ranks of “defenders of tyrants” and
unanimously condemned.