Pamela Anderson had French roots

Памела Андерсон нашла у себя французские корни
50-year-old Anderson moved in with her French boyfriend in Marseille.

Pamela Anderson


Pamela Anderson finally moved to his 32-year-old lover, French footballer Adila Rami. She wants to take their relationship to another level and decided to open a new Chapter in my life. No Hollywood, and in Marseille, where her favorite, too often the sun shines. Pamela from may of last year — it was then, during the Cannes film festival she met at a party Fund for the protection of animals (this problem former actress and model has long been involved in) with the player, younger than her 17 years, spent a lot of time in Europe. But now she decided to move to France, so as not to be separated from his beloved lover.

It is not surprising that the young beloved actress fell in love with her. In Cannes, when Pamela came out on the red carpet, photographers and the audience almost went crazy with delight. She looked simply stunning and impossibly young. No wonder the favorite calls it “alien.” Neither age nor experienced difficulties does not change the luxurious beauty from the TV series “Baywatch”.

Pamela moved to Europe and his pet — a Golden Retriever named zuzu. Pamela’s two sons, 20-year-old Dylan and 21-year-old Brandon (from his marriage to a rock musician Tommy Lee) live in America, but going regularly to visit his mother. They have met her and approved her choice. Pamela passed long term rent your beach house on the ocean in Malibu, California for 70 thousand dollars a month into the season, and over 40 thousand the fall and winter.

Pamela says that she felt within herself French roots after meeting with Adil Rami. I must say that she was born in Canada, the ancestors of her father hails from Finland and mother from Russia.

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