Pamela Anderson gave Kim Kardashian coat

Памела Андерсон подарила Ким Кардашьян шубу

Actress Pamela Anderson for more than five years leading the campaign for the protection of animals, trying to introduce to replace the natural fur of his eco-friendly substitute. In September, Pamela noticed that Kim Kardashian, which does not skimp on buying expensive fur coats made of animal fur. This angered the actress, which she has declared “war” Kardashian. She has written Kim open letter, which apparently yielded no results. But Pamela did not accept defeat and decided to give Kardashian a fur coat.

Памела Андерсон подарила Ким Кардашьян шубу

In a strange way Anderson decided to ask the star not to buy Subi of fur animals. She sent her a parcel with a Christmas greeting card. Gift was a coat of eco-friendly fur of the Russian brand. In his letter, the actress has asked Kim to abandon this kind of fur. In the letter, she also decided to quote the great designers, to enhance the effect. Anderson quotes the Gucci promise to stop using fur in their collections, and cites the example of the humane policy of the designer Giorgio Armani. “Kim, I know your young fans even more love to you and your brand, if you will cease to wear fur,” writes Anderson.

To finish the letter, Anderson decided a nice wish. “I hope you and your family will have a great holiday!”.

Recall that the first attempt to reason with Kim was a letter, in which she gave no answer. About it the actress decided to tell the Studio program Good Morning Britain. “Kim has a good heart and millions of followers on Instagram, so she has to make the decision not to wear fur. I wrote her a letter about this, but never received a response. In addition, I also asked the Melania trump to pay attention to their clothes,” says Pamela.

At the time, as Pamela Anderson writes letters to Kim Kardashian, the star takes control of the surrogate mother who bears their third child with Chanele West. The first pregnancy of the girl was not very good, causing it to nearly bled out in the nursing office. Doctors have advised not to have children, but Kim didn’t listen. In order to have a chance at a third child, the star agreed to go under the knife and removed the area of scar tissue of the uterus. but still, that would not risk the life of the mother, the couple decided to use a surrogate mother. Moreover, Kim admitted that nurturing children is not the easiest task. Her pregnancy was not the best way, because of what she calls her terrible time.

Data on surrogate mother the couple are not scattered, this media does not even know the name of the girl. The family spends more money to ensure the safety of the mother. We only know that the couple bought a mansion in one of the suburbs of Los Angeles, surrounded by round the clock security for her own safety. “Kim and Kanye rented a house an hour away from Los Angeles, where she lives the woman who’s carrying their child. In addition to the protection surrounding the house, inside, video surveillance — in order that, Kim knew, than in the moment, engaged in a surrogate mother and if she violates the contract clauses — shared insider with the publication of the Sun Online.