Pamela Anderson fights for the freedom of the “problem” boyfriend

Памела Андресон борется за свободу «проблемного» бойфренда Star believes in the innocence of the accused in the rape of Julian Assange. Pamela Anderson is sure her choice is the clean and bright man who is suffering because of his knowledge.

      Памела Андресон борется за свободу «проблемного» бойфренда

      Seductive beauties difficult to suspect that in the forties they suddenly decided to catch up in youth experience with known problem men. Nevertheless ladies retained a romantic confidence that in their capable hands revelers-bullies will soon become white and fluffy.

      Since last fall, Pamela Anderson often see the Embassy of Ecuador in London, where he is hiding from extradition of 45-year-old journalist, founder of the scandalous WikiLeaks website Julian Assange. 49-year-old actress relentlessly drags the Embassy bags full of plastic containers with self-prepared vegetarian food. And then spend hours going undercover with Assange behind closed doors. Than a couple actually engaged in private, nobody really knows, but it is unlikely that Pamela just sitting across from Julian at the table and watches as he eats.

      Free from responsibilities personal to the cook time, the controversial blonde is trying to achieve removal from nominated in Sweden for rape charges, which he can’t leave the Embassy. In January, she even wrote a heartfelt letter to the President of the United States, enclosing a touching photo of Assange with a kitten on his shoulder. “Julian wine only in the fact that it spoils the blood influential people, – says Pamela. – Those who out of malice or out of ignorance puts the word “violence” next to his name, spread slander”.

      The actress didn’t answer the questions, what makes her so hot to protect a famous whistleblower and so often to feed him. However, with the advent of spring, her feelings still boiled over in the social network.

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      “My Julian, the most intelligent, interesting and knowledgeable man in the world – wrote Anderson. Strong and energetic person with a sensitive soul. He inspires me more than all former spouses and Boyfriends together. And I find it very sexy.”

      Assange is more restrained, his compliments do not give out your romantic intentions. “Pamela is a beautiful woman with an attractive personality and a sharp mind, the journalist said in an interview. – She is a good psychologist. And I’m grateful for all she does to get me my freedom.”