Памела Андерсон влюбилась в футболиста
The athlete did not resist the famous bust of Anderson.

Памела Андерсон влюбилась в футболиста

Pamela Anderson


Adil Rami


The other day Pamela Anderson came
in light with her new boyfriend. Paparazzi managed to photograph the actress in the South of France
in the company of a footballer Adil Rami. And they held each other
not friendly, desperately flirting. 49-year-old Pamela looked beautiful in
colorful dress with a bold neckline, which allowed her once again
showcase your gorgeous bust. These photos appeared on the website dailymail.co.uk.

The reporters waylaid
Anderson, when she left with Rami from the restaurant La Maison in nice. In this city Pamela, who said
recently about his intention to leave Hollywood, live the last time. As explained by Anderson, most of her friends
moved to Europe and she wanted to join them. Especially because,
according to Pamela, during her career she had amassed enough money to
afford not to work. As for the new boyfriend of Anderson — Rami,
something about it is known not too much. He’s much younger than Pamela — he’s 31, and he
plays for Spanish team Sevilla
FC and for the French team.

Among other things, the emergence of Anderson
with a new Beau surprised many. Because it was believed that Pamela is quite serious
relations with WikiLeaks founder —
Julian Assange. She regularly visits him in the Embassy of Ecuador in London
for the past couple of years. As argued by Anderson, she admires
Assange considers him a hero, and Julian finds “very sexy”…