Pamela Anderson condemned the victims of Harvey Weinstein

Памела Андерсон осудила жертв Харви Вайнштейна

50-year-old Pamela Anderson is not afraid to attract attention, endowing stars with fur coats faux fur and protecting the rights of animals. This time the actress decided to Express their opinion about the sex scandal Harvey Weinstein, who for 10 years was raped and molested women. Pamela said that is not going to join the ranks of fight with the producer, and even condemned victims Weinstein. She said that girls know where to go and what to yourself sign.

Памела Андерсон осудила жертв Харви Вайнштейна

“Many girls thought that meetings at the hotel will be safe because they organized their own agents. But it’s not a guarantee. Need to think with your head,” expressed his opinion Anderson in an interview with Megan Kelly, adding that “in Hollywood there are a lot of people with whom you cannot communicate, and everyone knows it”.

Anderson admitted that she had also not been invited to such dubious appointments, but she always wanted to be one. “I was repeatedly invited to auditions like these. The men were ready to give me the car and apartment, but I was their “number one”. To which I usually answered: “If I be “number one”, therefore, you have “number two”. I don’t need it.” says the actress and star of TV series “Baywatch”.

Памела Андерсон осудила жертв Харви Вайнштейна

After the interview with Megan Kelly Anderson had to meet a barrage of negativity in the party. The actress was not going to support a rapist, but victims too. Anderson was ready for this reaction and knew what was coming, but her opinion did not give up. In an interview with TMZ, she again confirmed his words. “I consider Harvey Weinstein a sexist pig… But there are many self-defence courses. There is even a famous story of suffragettes who study martial arts… Women need to understand that there are such problems, and be willing to meet with them. It is disingenuous to ignore that carelessness, and apologize for his remarks.” says Pamela.

Another way to attract attention have used Anderson last week. Actress Pamela Anderson for more than five years leading the campaign for the protection of animals, trying to introduce to replace the natural fur of his eco-friendly substitute. In September, Pamela noticed that Kim Kardashian, which does not skimp on buying expensive fur coats made of animal fur. This angered the actress, which she has declared “war” Kardashian. She has written Kim open letter, which apparently yielded no results. But Pamela did not accept defeat and decided to give Kardashian a fur coat.

In a strange way Anderson decided to ask the star not to buy fur coats from natural fur of animals. She sent her a parcel with a Christmas greeting card. Gift was a coat of eco-friendly fur of the Russian brand. In his letter, the actress has asked Kim to abandon this kind of fur. In the letter, she also decided to quote the great designers, to enhance the effect. Anderson quotes the Gucci promise to stop using fur in their collections, and cites the example of the humane policy of the designer Giorgio Armani. “Kim, I know your young fans even more love to you and your brand, if you will cease to wear fur,” writes Anderson.