Памела Андерсон против бодишейминга

51-year-old Pamela Anderson is Dating a young player enjoys the glory and plays the role of the activist. She loves her body and will not allow someone to take her eyes shamed because of too thin or full body. The star of the television series “Baywatch” defended the 21-year-old actress Ariel winter, who faced bodyshaping in the network.

Памела Андерсон против бодишейминга

The young actress faced with bodyshaping in the network because of abrupt change in weight. Ariel had already explained that the weight loss associated with the change of antidepressants. But the explanations of the actress the public accept empty excuses and lies, accusing winter in an address to the plastic surgeon. Pamela Anderson defended the girls and wrote a chain of tweets, in which even mentioned Donald trump for the “terrible example of self-control”! “This world of social networking — a simple Playground for Samarov. To offend people do not need much intelligence and time. People are degraded and think less about the consequences of their “comments”.”

The actress notes that in the network no one was watching and did not punish Samarov, so do not waste time and energy on such people. Despite what you people, popular person will always have haters. “We’re all trying to be the best version of yourself. The beauty within us. The only ugly thing is the rudeness, envy, and hatred toward someone. Hold On Ariel”.

Perhaps winter could attract the attention of Anderson through the costume for Halloween. 21-year-old actress dressed in a Pamela on the feast of carrion.

Friends Pamela is in trouble. For example, the star continues to visit her old friend the 47-year-old Julian Assange, and to deny his guilt. Recently, the actress visited the founder of WikiLeaks is in prison Belmarsh in the South-East of London and again was convinced that her boyfriend does not deserve such severe punishment.

Pamela is confident that Assange did not commit violent acts and does not deserve severe punishment. “Julian Assange is the most innocent person in the world, and to be treated like the most dangerous man in the world to make him a criminal,” wrote the star in a handwritten note.

Now Julian is in prison and completely cut off from the world. He can’t even talk with their own children. “He’s a good man, a remarkable person. I love it, can’t imagine what he went through. We need to save his life,” said Anderson.

Anderson visited Assange together with WikiLeaks editor-in-chief the Attempt by Hrafnsson. “It is very difficult to see Julian in this place. Visiting him in prison was a big shock. He didn’t deserve to be in prison. Assange never committed a violent crime and not guilty,” said the actress after a visit.

“I’m amazed that my friend kept in a maximum security prison, where he has 23 hours a day to be in the camera. He has only half an hour walk and half hour on everything else,” said editor in chief of WikiLeaks.

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