Pallet truck (deadhead) — a great helper in the warehouse

Гидравлическая тележка (рохля) — отличный помощник на складе

Rokhlin is a compact hoisting device to help with work load. Each truck increases the speed of cargo handling, improves the quality of work and facilitates the work of warehouse staff.

Гидравлическая тележка (рохля) — отличный помощник на складе

Scope and benefits of hydraulic trucks

If you want to buy in Minsk, hydraulic truck, here you can find a large selection of inventory deadhead from different manufacturers. Carts are ideal for use with different cargoes, including goods placed in containers or pallets. The scope of the deadhead:

  • warehouses and logistics centers;
  • commercial and industrial enterprises;
  • production facilities, ports and airports.

The device used to move cargo at short distances, that is usually with them working within the same premises (warehouse, workshop). On the market are a large selection of deadhead, including models with a pitchfork and a sliding mechanism. There are designs with integrated weights, they allow you to control the weight of the cargo. The device with the scissor system lift the pallets for installation on the conveyor. For custom pallets, you can choose the model with the forks the right size.

The advantages of pallet trucks:

  • high maneuverability and small dimensions;
  • versatility (move almost all types of cargo);
  • simple design and reliability mechanisms;
  • affordable price and a wide selection of deadhead.

The advantages of warehouse deadhead include economy of operation, since the device does not require the use of fuel, working in manual mode.

Options manual deadhead for a warehouse

Due to the compact size of the truck can be used in narrow aisles between the racking systems. Compared to automatic types of warehouse equipment manual Rokhlin much more accessible. Durable and reliable design of hydraulic components and increases their service life.

Cart work does not require special knowledge and skills. The average capacity of deadhead is about 2-3 tons. This is one of the most important parameters to consider in choosing equipment. It is recommended to buy the device with a reserve capacity in order to eliminate the risks of overload.

The choice of truck depends largely on operating conditions and type of cargo with which to operate warehouse equipment. For example, to close the premises would suit someone who’s awkward with short forks for moving large equipment use a truck with lowered forks. Models with scissor mechanism fitted with a handle to control the lowering and lifting loads.