Падма Лакшми рассказала об изнасиловании

48-year-old American actress and TV host of Indian origin Padma Lakshmi told about the rape that happened to her in 16 years. Traditionally, the story was published in the New York Times. Star raped a 23-year-old boyfriend. She told about the incident and did not report to the police.

“You might want to ask if I was drinking that night. It doesn’t matter, but I was not drunk. Maybe you want to know whether I was dressed provocatively, and did the ambiguous hints. Doesn’t really matter, but I will say that I wore a black Maxi dress with long sleeves Betsey Johnson, which was exposed only to the shoulders. The guy I went to a few parties, and then we went to his house. As he talked, I fell asleep from exhaustion. Woke up to a sharp pain. It was me and said, “this Will hurt only for a while.” I told him not to do it, crying from fear and pain. He said: “I Thought that you would not be so much hurt if you sleep.” Then he drove me home. Now think about it and realize that by the time when it happened to me, I already had a traumatic experience. When I was seven years old, a relative of the stepfather was an abusive one… I complained to my mother and stepfather and they sent me to India to grandma and grandpa for a whole year. The lesson was: if you speak, you’ll be banished,” said Padma Lakshmi.

To talk about what happened Padma decided after it was organized the movement against violence against women. “Now, 32 years later, after the rape, I publicly talk about what happened. I did not win. However, we all will lose time if you will continue to honor the code of silence, which for many years men with impunity hurt women,” says the star.

Padma Lakshmi her stories, anything not wanted, but bill Cosby is now going to jail because of the rape charges. 81-year-old famous American comedian was sentenced to a term of imprisonment of three to ten years for a rape committed in 2004. The victim was a former employee of Temple University Andrea Constad.

Met the victim and the rapist in the University, because Cosby was a member of its Board of Trustees. As stated by the victim, the comedian gave her a pill, and when she was unconscious, he sexually abused her. It all happened long ago, but the case received wide publicity because of the 15 women who have accused Cosby of harassment. He is a comedian three years ago, under oath admitted that he used drugs in order to persuade women to have sex. But then bill filed a counterclaim against the girls for libel.