Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne divorce

Оззи и Шэрон Осборн разводятся

After 33 years of marriage Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have filed for divorce.

Ozzy (Ozzy Osbourne) and Sharon Osbourne (Sharon Osbourne)who have lived together for almost 34 years, has decided to disband. The cause of the breakup, rock singer and TV presenter is not yet known, but fans of the British musician assume that the initiator of the divorce became Sharon who is tired of her husband cheating and his problems with alcohol.

Sam Osborne in comments E! News said that alcohol and drugs are not the cause of their discord with his wife: “I never touched drugs and alcohol for over three years. Any message which said that I was seen in a drunken state, — not true.

According to other rumors, Sharon got jealous husband to his hairdresser Michelle Pugh (Pugh Michele). In March of this year, the TV presenter talked about her husband’s infidelity. According to her, Ozzy at the time, had Affairs with two nurses who looked after the children of the star couple.

Despite all the circumstances, Sharon and Ozzy parted without scandals. According to a source close to the family the Osbournes, the couple have agreed that Ozzie for a while leave their common home in Beverly hills. In the last photos the paparazzi shows that Osborne still wears her wedding ring. According to the Mirror, Ozzy Osbourne has three weeks to save his marriage, but all the while he is on tour.

Ozzy and Sharon met in the early 70-ies when rock singer with his band Black Sabbath was at its peak. Some time later, Sharon became his Manager, and in 1982 they married. The couple has three adult children: Aimee (Aimee), Callie (Kelly) and Jack (Jack).

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