Oxana Fedorova came on new job

Оксана Федорова вышла на новую работу
The TV presenter became the Director of the Fashion Museum.

Photo: Instagram

Oksana Fedorova started working in the Fashion Museum. The TV presenter was appointed to the position of Director a week ago, but just yesterday she started her new responsibilities. At a press conference, which was devoted to this purpose, the Moscow Government Minister Alexander Kibovsky has expressed hope that Oksana can “reset the whole system of relations between the Department of culture and the fashion industry”.

The star herself said that this work is very interesting. “I’m not the first year in the fashion industry and are very worried about the development of the industry, for our young designers, — said Oksana. — The Fashion Museum need conversion, so it does not lag behind the development of Moscow in the cultural sphere. In the end, this should lead to the fact that Moscow will consolidate its status as the new fashion capital. Will have to work a lot, but it doesn’t scare me!”

The team’s newly minted Director while is not going to change. Fedorov is sure that at the moment the whole team consists of experienced and talented employees that just lacks good leadership. Also, the presenter plans to strengthen the research work of the Museum.