Оуэн Уилсон потребовал провести ДНК-экспертизу
Hollywood actor became a father for the third time?

Owen Wilson


Hollywood actor Owen Wilson becomes a father for the third time. Not so long ago, actor turned ex-girlfriend, who said she allegedly gave birth to his child. Unexpected news are not surprised by the Hollywood star, but he demanded a DNA examination to prove his paternity.

Anonymous insider, leaker about the foreign press, said that Owen is not going to give up my son. He allegedly just wants to make sure that will provide and educate your child. Moreover, he has experience with boys: a 49-year-old actor is growing up, two of the heirs. Seven-year-old Robert appeared in a novel by Wilson, jade Duell, and his younger son, Finn gave birth to four year old Caroline Lindqvist, a personal trainer of Hollywood stars.

Despite the fact that Owen plays the role of a Sunday dad, he loves to spend time with their children. In addition, it has a serious material support to the mothers of his children. So, if the test DNA will show that he had recently fathered another son, he will take an active part in the life of a boy.

“If the paternity test will show that the child was his, he certainly will fulfill all his fatherly duties,” the source quoted the US Magazine.