Поборовшая рак Елена Степунина не может смириться с изменениями во внешности A young woman dreams about beautiful long hair. Elena Stepunina trying not to lose the optimistic attitude. She believes that cancer will not have an effect.

The former participant of “House-2” Elena Stepunina about a year fighting with cancer. A young woman underwent several rounds of chemotherapy, causing her hair fell out. Recently the doctors told her the good news. Elena Stepunina beat cancer

Now Elena is regularly undergoing surveys to monitor the dynamics. However, the young woman is difficult to accept the changes that have occurred in her life due to cancer. So, Instagram Stepunina told that he wants to again become the owner of long and beautiful hair.

“Yes, I know that many now write: “It’s all garbage, the main thing is health.” That may be so, but believe me, every girl in every situation want to be sexy. And don’t say short hair approx. me Yes, go. But look at me in a wig. Well, beauty! Most of all I yearn for your long dark hair. Not even on the figure, and hair,” – said Stepunina.

We will remind that in November of 2016 Elena first became a mother. She gave birth to another boy, who was named Matthew. A few months before the ex-participant of “House-2” was married. Now a young woman tries to spend all free time with the child. She often walks with his successor, noting that they are both useful to breathe fresh air.

Husband of Stepunina at all supportive of her. A young woman was repeatedly admitted that the disease has completely changed her life and forced me to appreciate every minute spent with your loved ones. Elena even started to visit temples and Holy places, hoping it will help her to forget about the cancer.

On Instagram, the young woman makes, and tries to stay optimistic and enjoy the little things.

“I love every day and really enjoying this amazing life! She’s beautiful,” previously shared thoughts Elena.

Now Stepunina not only tells about her own health, but also tries to help those people who were in a similar situation. According to the former participant “Houses-2” even with the most serious diagnosis, don’t give up. Elena is sure that the only fighting for a happy future to the end, you can achieve healing.