Over Ksenia Sobchak hanging the threat of exposure

Над Ксенией Собчак повисла угроза разоблачения
The presenter asked for support from their friends.

Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan


After it became known about the pregnancy Ksenia Sobchak, every step of the presenter invokes a strong reaction of the public. Recently it became known that on the recent first time mom presenter faces a grave threat of exposure of secrets of her personal life. The fact is that in trying to get information about newborn son Sobchak journalists literally attacked her closest friends and not even really close to the TV stars. Offering a large amount of representatives from various media trying to find some dirt on Xenia.

“Dear friends! Since the various channels to actively call in our friends,acquaintances,relatives, doctors, colleagues, friends of friends and friends of friends, inviting them on different talk shows and promising them including our personal participation, we are forced to make the following statement — we will not participate in such programs… All that you can of these programs to find out is speculation, rumours and speculation on people’s privacy!” — said Xenia.

Sobchak husband and hope that my friends will not fail them and will not disclose any secrets of the star couple. “We believe that our real friends and family people also refuse such invitations!” — said Xenia. Now the presenter’s husband can only believe in the loyalty of people from their environment.

Incidentally, not so long ago the husband Sobchak Maxim Vitorgan personally thanked the hospital staff where I gave birth Ksenia for the fact that during the time that the presenter, the institution has not happened there is no “leakage” of information. “There is no doubt in the professional competence of doctors and midwives I have not had and could not be… But the fact that none of the clinic staff, despite the pressure they endured in those days, despite being on duty around the clinic car with the paparazzi, despite repeated attempts to penetrate beneath the form of people/animals/things —didn’t turn us in, not sold and not leaked any information or especially photos were for me a great human discovery. It was important for us to protect this moment of our lives from Intrusive curiosity and built on it!” — admitted Vitorgan.