Ovechkin wife accused of disregard for pregnancy

Жену Овечкина обвинили в наплевательском отношении к беременности The girl was criticized for high heels. Nastassja Subsky will soon become a mother for the first time. Now she tries to enjoy one of the most beautiful moments in her life, but, nevertheless, refuses eye-catching outfits and shoes.
Жену Овечкина обвинили в наплевательском отношении к беременности

Very soon in the family of the famous hockey player Alexander Ovechkin will be born long-awaited firstborn. Now the wife of the athlete Nastasia Subsky enjoying the pregnancy. The girl, accustomed to secular life, does not waive the events. Recently she has published in the microblog photo with her husband. In it she poses in a dark blue dress and sandals with high heel and platform.

Fans are very worried about the state of health of Subsky and advised her to abandon such uncomfortable shoes while waiting for the baby. They were amazed that she doesn’t care about your own body.

“Heels I would wear flats on time”, “Understand that the beauty demands victims, but now needs to be protected and more comfortable shoes walking”, “High heel very. The load on the spine. And then hell back pain”, “Anastasia, you are desperate, take care of yourself and heels only to take pictures. And then in Slippers and relax,” wrote a follower.

Жену Овечкина обвинили в наплевательском отношении к беременности

However, among fans of Nastasia dispute ensued as to whether or not pregnant women to abandon shoes with heels. Some felt that there is nothing wrong and the girl should not refuse beautiful sandals.

“StarHit” got in touch with a specialist who has shed light in the dispute about whether to wear shoes like mothers.

“During pregnancy it is better to abandon high heels, especially in the period when the stomach is already visible. There is a load on the pelvic organs, the back may appear varicose veins, swelling, and just the tiredness,” said the neonatologist Victoria Istomina.

It is not excluded that Nastasia is only posing in a glamorous sandals, and so does not go in everyday life. Subsky she told followers that she was trying to carefully monitor their own health during pregnancy. As it turned out, the girl turned to a nutritionist that made up for it a balanced diet. “She helped me to understand the issues, what is an adequate diet and how to make healthy eating a habit. Especially for me program, which was designed exclusively for me, for my body,” said Subsky.

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