Ovechkin and Subsky, Shurygina and stars “House-2”: the main wedding party 2017

Овечкин и Шубская, Шурыгина и звезды «Дома-2»: главные свадьбы 2017 года “StarHit” remembered the details of Grand celebrations. Many stars preferred the lush festivities, but there were also those who chose an intimate ceremony. Whose dresses and party impressed the fans the most.
Овечкин и Шубская, Шурыгина и звезды «Дома-2»: главные свадьбы 2017 года

2017 was rich in really bright wedding both Russian and foreign stars. Someone congratulated the President, someone had gone to the island to enjoy their love, and someone were amazed at the scale of the celebration. “StarHit” decided to recall the most interesting holidays that we had discussed the whole country.


Овечкин и Шубская, Шурыгина и звезды «Дома-2»: главные свадьбы 2017 года

Daughter Vera Glagoleva married one of the most famous players in the world July 8, 2017. The celebration turned out really big. He was invited hundreds of guests, among which were the stars. That evening the happy couple were congratulated Katya LEL, Olga Orlova, Nikolai Baskov, Ilya Kovalchuk, Yana Rudkovskaya and many others.

The bride shone in an elegant white dress with a rich finish. The groom chose a black tuxedo, complete with bow tie.

However, the main surprise was a call from the President himself. Vladimir Putin congratulated with the beginning of the Ovechkin family life and wished him happiness.

“Not at every wedding, the President of Russia congratulates not only the telegram, but rings personally, and guests are welcome to hear his words,” later shared their impressions Yana Rudkovskaya.

Guests at the celebration were treated to caviar and fine dining, and entertainment said the group “Leningrad”, Nikolai Baskov and Alexander Revva. In the finale of the evening the guests made a gorgeous cake with a height of four feet from Renata agzamova.


Овечкин и Шубская, Шурыгина и звезды «Дома-2»: главные свадьбы 2017 года

Of course, many Western stars also combined bonds of marriage in 2017, but we decided to tell you about the most discussed occasion. Undoubtedly, the main wedding main wedding of the younger sister Kate Middleton and her lover. Pippa no secret that preparing for the event for several months, thinking it in great detail.

Almost royalty: a luxury wedding Pippa Middleton. PHOTO. Video

The bride chose a dress by Giles deacon with a dull collar and elegant back cutout in the shape of a heart. The silk dress was embroidered with the finest lace. The image of the bride turned out subtle and restrained. The groom on that memorable day was a dark suit, complemented by a Burgundy tie.

No less attention was riveted on the figure of Kate Middleton. The future Queen gave their preference to the modest powder dress and added a chic hat to match. At the celebration were invited and nephews of the bride, who all day had fun with their parents.

At the ceremony in the Church it was 100 guests, and a party at the estate of Berkshire were later joined by another 200 people. In the UK the wedding of younger sister of Kate Middleton was referred to as Royal.


Овечкин и Шубская, Шурыгина и звезды «Дома-2»: главные свадьбы 2017 года

Many fans of the singer were not even aware that she had an affair with an Italian photographer. That is why the news of the approaching wedding of their surprised. Because Sati and Stefano belong to completely different cultures, they decided to have three celebrations.

The official registration of marriage was held in early October, after that the pair went to the Caucasus. There, the home of Sati hosted a major holiday. Festivities lasted several days, and Casanova chose a traditional Bridal outfit from Kabardino-Balkaria.

By the way, the groom also tried on a suit. According to the artist, Stefano quickly found common language with her relatives.

A few days later the couple went to Italy, where they held a celebration in the European style. A little later, the singer told “StarHit” about which the moments of celebration memorable for her.

“Two slices of toast touched me, I cried. First, from her husband’s brother – Chris. And in the end my dad said. Cried all. I realize how difficult it was given to loved ones the fact that I was marrying a person of another culture. The father uttered a deep idea that we are all in God, and that It will be Union of two souls or not. Now I belong to my Italian family and their customs, traditions and laws for me need to be the same family, and unquestioned, as the traditions of the Circassian people,” said Casanova.


Овечкин и Шубская, Шурыгина и звезды «Дома-2»: главные свадьбы 2017 года

But the way this couple to marriage was not easy. Wedding of the stars “House-2” was to be held in the summer, but then the lovers had a falling out. In the network appeared the correspondence Victoria romanet in which she ridiculed the choice. Anton made the decision to end the relationship, but after a few weeks, the fans saw him again next to the brunette.

In the end, the couple were United together in marriage in the Maldives in September. The ceremony was secluded, and the lovers have been reluctant to share details of the holiday. Victoria expressed a preference for outright along with a transparent skirt, which emphasized the slimness of her feet. Anton appeared at the ceremony wearing a white shirt, beige trousers and hat.

Earlier, Victoria had shown an engagement ring, finally freeing fans from doubt about the status of her relationship with Anton. Now lovers often post pictures together and do not get tired to confess to one another in love.


Овечкин и Шубская, Шурыгина и звезды «Дома-2»: главные свадьбы 2017 года

Another former participant of “House-2” said good-bye to the unmarried ladies. Alyona and her partner DJ Alex the cosine of the combined bonds of marriage in St. Petersburg on September 11.

The ceremony was intimate and was attended by only the couple. Alena chose the original dress with unusual bodice. Its design, the bride designed herself. According to fans, the image turned out Gothic as the theme of the holiday.

“The dress was sewn in St. Petersburg. I knew what it should be, imagined it in my head. Was confident in the outfit and was in a state of peace of mind, so ordered it just a week before the wedding. She took measurements, sent them to the designer. We agreed on a sketch and the finished dress I tried on exactly one day before his marriage. It is a village perfect. I decided that it will be Gothic in combination with vintage elements,” admitted Vodonaeva “StarHit”.
Овечкин и Шубская, Шурыгина и звезды «Дома-2»: главные свадьбы 2017 года

Alex appeared in the registry office in all black.

Vodonaeva and Cosine expressed a preference for unusual photo shoot in honor of the holiday. They posed together with the owl and Antiques in a gloomy environment. In the end, the pictures turned out incredibly stylish.

Love relationships have evolved rapidly. For the first time about the affair talking in the spring, and the feelings eventually proved so strong that Alan and Alex decided to get married.


Овечкин и Шубская, Шурыгина и звезды «Дома-2»: главные свадьбы 2017 года

On June 24 the wedding of one of the most talented young Actresses of Russia Svetlana Ustinova and her lover Elijah Stewart. At the ceremony there were many movie stars, including Svetlana Bondarchuk, Rezo Gigineishvili , Anna Chipovskaya and many others.

Svetlana Ustinova and Ilya Stewart threw a lavish wedding

For such an important day, Ustinov chose a dress of champagne color with a deep neckline and full skirt. The girl took her hair in a high hairstyle, and overall, her image seemed delicate, moderately severe. The groom opted for the classics, adding a black three-piece suit with a boutonniere of the same hue as the bridesmaid dress.

The event took place in a romantic atmosphere, and the whole room was decorated with flowers. During the first dance of the newlyweds showered petals of red roses.


Овечкин и Шубская, Шурыгина и звезды «Дома-2»: главные свадьбы 2017 года

The daughter of singer officially became the wife of Nouri Verghese in January 2017. Then the lovers got married in the UK, but there were no celebrations. Valery Meladze was unable to attend the event because of the tight tour schedule. Later, the actor joked that recognizes the marriage only after full-scale celebrations.

The opportunity presented itself Meladze and his family and the 7th of October. The event was organized in Morocco and continued for several days. First, the bride and groom have some vows in front of dozens of assembled guests. Inga looked beautiful in your dress, trimmed with lace. Her fiancé preferred the white coat, complemented by black pants.

The ceremony was held in four languages, and then held a Grand Banquet, where Valery Meladze performed a few hits with his daughters.

The next day the guests went into the wilderness, where they continued to have fun in the prepared tents. Here Inga and Nouri held a photo shoot on camels. The bride looks incredibly happy, because for the sake of the holiday, her parents forgot about their differences.


Овечкин и Шубская, Шурыгина и звезды «Дома-2»: главные свадьбы 2017 года

For many fans of the controversial stars of “Let them talk” her wedding was a complete surprise. Diana herself admitted that she made the decision hastily, but quite deliberately. The girl gets along well not only with her lover but also with his relatives.

“Mom and dad Andrew well I took. We regularly rest together in their cottage. However, they believe that it is too early to sign. My parents have the same opinion, though, and incredibly happy for us. On the other hand, why wait? While passions run high, it is necessary to marry. We’re together three months, and did not leave for a minute,” Diane said.

The girl had planned the celebration, chose the place for the Banquet and made up the guest list. Shurygina considerable attention paid to the selection of wedding dresses. In the end, she settled on a white dress with a full skirt, the bodice of which was studded with rhinestones.

Diana Shurygina getting married. PHOTO. VIDEO

The ceremony was attended by the stylist of the novel Spectrum, soloists of the “na-na” and many others. The party lasted until the morning, and Diana had fun out on the dance floor to the dynamic composition, despite the voluminous dress.


Овечкин и Шубская, Шурыгина и звезды «Дома-2»: главные свадьбы 2017 года

The successor of the famous artist married 26 Aug 2017. Her lover was the son of a restaurant tycoon. Ten days before the major feast of the lovers got married in one of capital registry offices.

At the celebration, also held in Moscow, was invited 800 people. Among them was the family of Valentin Yudashkin. By the way, the famous Russian designer was the author of the wedding dress of the bride.

Truly Royal way Sarina provoked a strong reaction among the guests. Curvy girl outfit was decorated with numerous crystals. She gathered the hair into a tight ponytail, covering the head with a heavy veil.

“The bride just stunning! I congratulate you heartily,” expressed the General opinion of Galina Yudashkin.
Овечкин и Шубская, Шурыгина и звезды «Дома-2»: главные свадьбы 2017 года

Tornike dressed in an important day for him black tuxedo and bow tie to match the suit.

Not done the event without surprises. So, guests were moved by the congratulation younger sisters Sarina and the girl’s father Mikhail Turetsky presented at the wedding of his new musical project.


Овечкин и Шубская, Шурыгина и звезды «Дома-2»: главные свадьбы 2017 года

The winners of the “Wedding million”, organized in the framework of the project “Dom-2” could not determine date and place for the celebration. The lovers dreamed to organize a holiday abroad, but in the end remained in Moscow. Certain difficulties have arisen with the paperwork Artemov, because she is a citizen of Ukraine.

However, all these problems had no effect on the feelings and intentions of the couple. The lovers were United together in marriage on November 24. The bride expressed a preference for an incredible dress with a value of 500 thousand rubles. Outfit with a fancy skirt and a huge plume impressed all the guests without exception. Zhenya appeared at the ceremony in a three-piece suit and black hat in the shape of a cylinder.

Cousins admitted that he invited only the closest people.

“The wedding came 62 people, I chose the guests for the first 9 years of residence in Moscow, many are left in my mind memories. I’m glad you all came today. Came into my life and you, my Queen. Everything here is for you and for you,” said the man.

Among the guests were Anton Gusev and Victoria romanet, Ksenia Borodina, Daria Pynzar. All evening friends and relatives of the couple were entertained by Rustam Solntsev, whom the boys invited to the party as a host.


Овечкин и Шубская, Шурыгина и звезды «Дома-2»: главные свадьбы 2017 года

September 8 gymnast Margarita Mamun legalized relationship with a lover, swimmer Alexander Sukhorukov. The lovers were United together in marriage in Barvikha. First, they got married in a circle of closest friends, and then went to a Banquet in one of the best restaurants of Moscow.

The bride chose a feminine outfit with a deep neckline, and the groom appeared at the ceremony wearing a black suit that complemented the tie. At the Banquet, dedicated to young, were present not only their relatives, but many friends. Among the guests were the coach Mamun Amina Zaripova. She touchingly congratulated the student on such an important event.

“My girl, my daughter… In a good and happy way. Life is just beginning… Love it” – Zaripov has written in the microblog.


1 July 2017 the whole world was discussing wedding children of entrepreneurs albert Avdalyan and Eldar Osmanov. The couple threw an incredible party, which took place in the cinema Dolby in Los Angeles, where the annual award Oscar.

Lady Gaga, Basque and Sobchak lit on elegant wedding in Hollywood

The bride appeared at the ceremony in a dress by the famous Lebanese designer, which was adorned with precious stones. Image complements the heavy veil, also embroidered with crystals. Hall, which hosted wedding party, was smothered in white and cream colors.

Guests at the party were entertained by Svetlana Loboda, Ksenia Sobchak, Nikolay Baskov, Stas Mikhailov and Jason Derulo. The main part of the event was the 45-minute presentation of Lady Gaga.

It is estimated that the wedding cost the parents of the lovers to be worth more than ten million dollars. However, the Eldar of the Ottomans and albert Avdolyan is considered one of the richest men in the CIS, so they can afford such a Grand celebration.