Вне игры: Дмитрий Тарасов снова снялся в кино
On the channel “Super” may 28, will start the series with the participation of football stars “Locomotive”.

Вне игры: Дмитрий Тарасов снова снялся в кино

The series “Outside the game” is
second acting experience Tarasova. Recall: in 2016, he debuted in the sitcom “the Poor
people”: Dmitry, then, was the role of the husband of the main character. By the way, she played Olga Buzova.
At that time, the player and presenter of “House-2” were still a couple. The series was released in
April 2016, and in the autumn of the same year, Dimitry and Olga, as you know, broke up.
Since Buzova career soared to unprecedented heights. Olga turned into a businesswoman
and the singer continues to act in films and videos.

And Dmitry during this time found happiness with
model Anastasia Kostenko and will soon become a father. Interest
shooting the movie had left. So when he was offered to participate
in the movie “offside”, he gladly agreed.

The creators
name your project “honest Russian series about football.” And he really
filmed competently, with a lot of details about the behind the scenes of big-time sports.
And the whole story unfolds on real training base “the Locomotive”. In
the basis of the show went to the personal experience of the main author of the script of the project Ruslana Hamasaka,
which is known not only as a brilliant player of KVN and the first team captain
“Burnt by the sun”. After leaving the WHC Ruslan worked for several years as a scout football school of CSKA: looking for young talented players and brought them to the club. He knows firsthand answers to questions about what is wrong with our football and where they are, Russian Ronaldo?

Вне игры: Дмитрий Тарасов снова снялся в кино

The plot of the series Out of the game — scout football school of FC “locomotive”
Vladimir Filimonov, Phil (actor Rostislav berauer).
Once a great player, Filimonov turned into a cynic who has lost faith
in the Russian football. But he meets a talented
fifteen-year-old footballer Denis Rybalchenko. Thanks to him, the young man gets
to school “Locomotive”, and in just 3 months must prove that they are worthy of professional sports. However, Denis for sport have to sacrifice visits with my girlfriend. And this, of course, not easy… by the Way, all the roles of child players
performed by existing members of the youth League. Nikolai Kalinichev that
plays the rising star “Locomotive”, is also a footballer and not an actor. Casting for the role of Dennis Rybalchenko lasted for three months
and Nicholas adopted literally the day before the start of filming.

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  • Вне игры: Дмитрий Тарасов снова снялся в кино
    Dmitry Tarasov

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