Out of mind: pitt’s looking for a wife not like Jolie

Из сердца вон: Питт ищет жену не такую, как Джоли

Perhaps this will be the actress Kate Hudson. Say, brad took her on a date.

Everyone knows the common phrase that love to hate one step. But how quickly did it Angelina Jolie and brad pitt. Once passionate lovers, now bitter enemies. Where former spouses are so hated each other that not only want to communicate and see each other, but want to forget each other forever, just erase from memory and in the future to communicate even with those who though something reminds them of their mate.

That is why Jolie decided to tie men and return to homosexual relations. So pitt will probably be her last official husband and generally a man in her life. Brad pitt in response to the shouts, like Jolie, also no longer wants to have anything to do. The actor hopes to find a woman, with whom relations are quite similar to his marriage with Angelina.

“Brad is still very much broken by a blow received from Angelina, but in the end he won’t be lonely long, – has shared with journalists each actor. — One thing is certain: the next woman that will be with him, will have nothing to do with Angelina. Before it was seduced by its power, mystery and even the dark side of nature. But after so many years of marriage and the strained relationship he wants to be surrounded by positive people. Brad is looking for someone who can bring light into his life after all the drama. He just wants everything to be easier and love”.

And I think he already has someone in mind that fits the new requirements. In a press there were rumors that the actor took out 37-year-old Kate Hudson. The actress never hid the sympathies for the peers and publicly admitted that he believes pitt is a very beautiful and interesting man and would be happy to talk with him. Apparently, she succeeded.

A former bodyguard of the star couple Chris Herzog said that every day is brad pitt and Kate Hudson are getting closer.

“I know brad and Kate, so do not be surprised if very soon they will declare themselves a couple. The last time they spend a lot of time together, talk on the phone, meet, even went on a date. I think Kate would be a great party for brad,” said Herzog in an interview with the Daily Mail.

Whether so it actually, will show time. Recently, the journalists strive to write in mistress pitt any with whom he at least say Hello. Prior to that, the buzz was that the actor is indifferent to the sexiest blonde new Hollywood Margot Robbie. However, so far none of the rumor has not been confirmed. Although all I really want brad to quickly healed their wounds.