«Наша принцесса»: Алена Хмельницкая взяла «девочку» из приюта
Actress was even greater.

Alena Khmelnitskaya with puppy MIA

Photo: @alxmel Instagram Alena Khmelnytsky

About a week ago Alena Khmelnitskaya told fans that succumbed to the persuasion to have a house pet. Relatives have been asked the actress to give permission for appearance in the dog house, but she was against it. However, having been in the dog pound, could not resist the charm of a cute puppy.

Khmelnytskyi celebrates the addition to the family: she now has another “girl”. «Meet! Our new girl — MIA! 2 months! — share details of Alena. — Mom is husky, dad is loving, brave gentleman! Love the way she is… Welcome home, our Princess!»

Touching photo of Khmelnytskyi with the puppy left nobody indifferent. “MIA is the most cool name, short and loud. You have it pretty”, “Congratulations! New member of the family, the devoted friend!”, “What a sweetie”, “For friendship is not important breed! A dog is happiness, congratulations!”write Alain friends on the Network.

Some time ago in the life of Alena, a large and bright love. Now she meets with a young businessman Alexander, who, incidentally, found the approach to her two daughters — Alexandra and Xenia. “Daughter was very kind to me, sympathetic to my choice, and now they get along,” said Khmelnitskaya.