Наша Наташа: Наталья Орейро посетила Московский кинофестиваль

The star of the series “Wild angel” flew to Moscow to present a documentary about his concert tour “Nasha Natasha” to the festival.

Uruguayan actress Natalia Oreiro won the love of Russian fans in the late 1990s with the release of the series “Wild angel”, and since then the army of her fans in Russia is not reduced.

Actress meets Russian fans back and regularly visit our country with concerts. In 2014 Oreiro conducted an extensive tour of Russia in March 2016 headlined the show disco 90-x in the “Olympic” and now we have arrived to Moscow to present the documentary film “Nasha Natasha”on the Russian tour and fans in Russia, on the 38th Moscow International film festival.

The actress arrived at Domodedovo airport early in the morning, where it was greeted not only festival organizers, but also the loyal fans. Natalia was dressed in a green trench coat, sneakers and a straw hat-boater.

At the festival, she held a press conference at which he spoke about the film.

“The idea was to convey a mutual feeling between me and the fans that there’s no other way to convey it and touch it”, — said Natalia.

Tickets for the show, which was held in the framework of the festival “Russian trace” was sold out in half an hour.

In December, the singer will again visit the Russian capital with a solo concert in Crocus City Hall.

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