Наша Маша громко плачет: что потеряла Шарапова из-за скандала

Because of a doping scandal Maria Sharapova can not only forget about the sport, but to lose millions of dollars.

Recently a number of Russian athletes (tennis player Maria Sharapova, skater Ekaterina Bobrova, volleyball player Alexander Markin, skater Paul Kulizhnikov, short speed skater semen Elistratov, team Edward Latypov) caught in illicit drug Meldonium. And if some of them are guilty and not guilty, the fact Sharapova has collected emergency a press-conference in Los Angeles, where he confessed to the crime. In the words of tennis player, she took the drug for several years on the recommendation of a doctor to normalize heart rhythm and fight with diabetes, and did not know that since January of this year Meldonium included in the list of prohibited doping means. “It’s my fault and I take full responsibility, said Maria. — I have failed my fans and my family. I don’t want to finish my career that way. I hope that I will have another chance to play tennis. Don’t know what will be the consequences”.

And the consequences can be dire. According to the rules of WADA (World anti-doping Agency) athlete for such violation will be debarred from competition for four years. Given that Sharapova is now almost 29, by the time of expiry of the sentence, she reaches the age at which a tennis career is usually done. Perhaps Frank recognition and excellent reputation for many years to play in favor of Mary, and her suspension will be much shorter. Regalia and titles, and in the Treasury of the seventh racket of the world among a lot of women (five victories at the Grand slam tournaments, 38 on the WTA competition, silver at the Olympic games in London), Sharapova will not deny.

In terms of financial loss athletes all much more prosaic. Most likely, Mary will have to return 298 thousand dollars, which she paid out as prize for participation in the Australian open, during which were taken the ill-fated doping test. In addition, a number of companies, the advertising person which Sharapova has been for several years, broke her contract. Among them, the sports brand Nike, in 2010, the tennis player signed a 10-year contract worth $ 70 million. German carmaker Porsche and Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer after the Americans took a pause in business relationships with the disgraced player. Is under threat and personal business Mary – brand gummies Sugarpova. The scandal may adversely affect the sale of sweets. If the worst forecasts come true, the richest athlete in the world (according to estimates of Forbes, in 2015, Sharapova earned $ 29.7 million dollars) may lose around $ 100 million. And all because of a medicine in a pharmacy on average cost 300 rubles.

However, there were also those who supported Mary in a difficult situation. Thus, the Head company intends to continue cooperation with the tennis star. “For many years Maria Sharapova has been a role model, said CEO of Head, Johan eliasch. She has inspired millions of people play and watch tennis. The fact that she honestly and courageously admitted his mistake, is admirable. The Head company intends to extend her contract. We will announce new sponsorship projects in the near future. Look forward to long term cooperation”.

Words of encouragement Sharapova also voiced another famous tennis player Svetlana Kuznetsova. “First of all I want to say that Maria is a great athlete, and even this strange error can not overshadow all that she has achieved in tennis, says Svetlana. — And most importantly, none of us, especially I, have no right to comment this story is neither to criticize nor evaluate Maria”.

How the situation will develop around the Russian athletes, find out very soon. The first hearing in the case Sharapova is scheduled for March 23, it will be held in London.

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