“Our happy tomorrow”: the story of a generation in the new series, NTV

«Наше счастливое завтра»: история целого поколения в новом сериале НТВ For the location choice simple workflow ready to go at all. The filmmakers decided to show how strong the passion sweeps away everything in its path obstacles. NTV is preparing to show new TV series, the story unfolds with the “Khrushchev thaw” before the collapse of the Soviet Union. Be sure to view the trailer, which will not leave you indifferent.

From April 24 to spectators of NTV will go back in time – on the screens out the series “Our happy tomorrow.” The action begins in 1963, during the Khrushchev thaw. Peter meadow works as a simple worker at a textile factory in Rostov-on-don. As a reward for success on the trade he was sent to Leningrad. On the tour he meets a young student-journalist Marianne Stankiewicz, who turns his life around.

Marianne is the daughter of prima ballerina and Director of the theatre is deprived of the attention of the opposite sex. Its location is seeking a young physicist Vladlen Khromov, but she lives with the dream of love of his fellow student Alexander Pereverzev, who read success in international journalism.

«Наше счастливое завтра»: история целого поколения в новом сериале НТВ

Each of the characters makes his choice in the hope that it is waiting for a happy future. So, a simple worker could not forget the bright journalist and decided in that whatever was to win her heart. To attract the attention of any girl meadow gets on a dangerous path of underground business. Wealth, which Peter so sought, not brought it closer to Marianne. A wayward young woman rejects his advances. For men it remains a distant ideal.

For the three decades shown in the film, all the characters, there are significant changes in your life. Meadow of the ordinary worker has become one of the most influential people in the shadow economy of the Soviet Union. For the time that Peter tried to get rich, Marianne got married to physicist, though, and continued unrequited love classmate, who is a reporter.

«Наше счастливое завтра»: история целого поколения в новом сериале НТВ

Series can be called a journey through time, viewers will be able to see how changing fate and character for thirty years.

The role of Peter meadow played by actor Ilya Noskov. He admitted that he received incredible pleasure from the fact that he had to endure 30 years, though, and on the set.