Наш земляк Депардье открывает клуб «почетных удмуртов»

The French actor is planning to create a club for people like him – foreigners with Russian citizenship.

Just two days later, the colorful Frenchman will arrive in the capital of Mordovia Saransk at the opening of a center named after himself in the cinema “Russia”.

Depardieu received a Russian passport in 2013, and later registered, but not in Moscow or Saint Petersburg. Passport Gerard – the inhabitant of Saransk, namely the Democratic street 1, and of course, France. That is, he, as any citizen with wealth, there are apartment and Villa, the second, apparently, is in Mordovia.

So, on August 27 in Saransk will land the plane with Gerard on Board, then the actor will go to a three-day tour to Mordovia and visit the factories.

But most importantly, he will be the guest of honour at the opening of the center of Gerard Depardieu in the cinema “Russia”. There’s something artist and is thinking of opening a club for foreigners with a Russian passport.

“He is already in talks with, for example, boxer (speech from Roy Jones Jr.), who took Russian citizenship, there is still a few people that he wants on the basis of this cinema centre to organize a club like this,” explained RIA head of the Gosfilmofond Nicholas Borodachev.

However, fans of the winner of the title of “Honorary Udmurt” and “the Honourable citizen of the Chechen Republic”, I doubt that the club Depardieu will be a crowd.

Still, foreigners usually stay in Moscow or Saint-Petersburg. So Gerard will probably have to provide the clientele the club.

For example, to invite to dinner at his compatriot – who plays amélie is Audrey Tautou.

And how grateful Depardieu woman, if he can bring in Saransk Vincent Cassel! By the way, now single, no Monica Bellucci. Wouldn’t he want Russian citizenship, seeing how Monica go at us in the streets?

Go, Gerard, go for it!

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