Отар Кушанашвили высмеял Волочкову, искупавшуюся в крымской грязи

Controversial journalist and commentator on the social life of the Russian parties Otar Kushanashvili do not feed bread, give somebody to criticize. Recently, he rather ambiguously spoke about the new clip of Valeria, and the direction in which she began to develop my creativity, today, without attention to the journalist left Anastasia.

In connection with the recent activity of the ballerinas, he decided to speak what he thinks.

“Well, the beauty of what is: “Kazenny times on this very spot, every time she vlyapyvaetsya in a story, after the fact it turns out that she this up was composed and provoked – wrote cusanelli in Instagram (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the author saved. – Approx. ed.). – And if not myself, to participate in the conflict gets untold pleasure. The thing is that my pogrugenie extremely elastic conception of morality; posturing – her element. Clashes with society, testify, give her sweet languor. Wait for the inevitable sequels“, — the journalist wrote, thus provoking her to new “feats”.

Recall, the latter a most unusual act Volochkova was her smearing the Crimean mud. The video, which Nastya rubs her naked body with mud, scoured the web and made the Internet user with a new power to talk about the ballerina.

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