Otar Kushanashvili laughed at the novel Keti Topuria and Guf

Отар Кушанашвили посмеялся над романом Кети Топурия и Гуфа The journalist spoke about the scandal around the alleged chosen artist. In his opinion, information about the alleged new hobby Keti Topuria is not true. Cusanelli stood up for the band A’studio and her husband.

      Recently the public was shocked by news that married the soloist of A’studio Katie Topuria allegedly had an affair with rapper Body. The artists themselves have denied these rumours and claimed that they do not correspond to the truth. Fans of celebrities also could not believe in such information. Recently about the scandal, which involved Katie and Guf, called the journalist and TV presenter Otar Kushanashvili. He supported the singer and her husband, businessman Leo Gahman. According to cusanelli, from such men, as the elect of the stars, do not go away. About it he reported in his blog.

      Keti Topuria a suspected affair with the Body

      “I’m the third day saw the faithful Katie, it is a magnificent example of zakorenelogo Domostroitel which to external and internal problems and enemies, I have seen versed in the manner of Jack Reacher by Tom Crossville, and if you think he will make a misalliance of his saprogenic and a rapper, it means you have either a state of brain fatigue, or hemp delirium. From such as he, living not leaving” – shared cusanelli.

      Previously, information about the alleged affair with Keti Topuria commented by the rapper Guf. Alexey Dolmatov denies that, went to rest together with a colleague. According to Guf, they are couple – friends, but nothing more. First Dolmatov thought to remain silent about the unfolding scandal, but his warm attitude towards Topuria took its toll. “I have great respect for Katie and her family. And it certainly doesn’t deserve to be dragged into this affair. I, as a person and so not with the best reputation, this may be even at hand, but could think someone is a friend,” said Alex.

      Later, the artist repostnula entry Dolmatova in his microblog. In an interview with reporters Kathy said that the great deals with the Body and a group Center. She also admitted that befriends them long enough. “We did not rest together, and the photos are not I”, said the artist.

      Note that the news about the affair Gufa and Keti Topuria caused a huge resonance in the Internet. Some users of social networks have even begun to look for hidden meaning in the recent songs of the rapper. According to fans Dolmatova, a new hobby artist could contribute to the flourishing of his creativity. However, the artist himself, known for his stealth, he prefers not to comment on personal life. Maybe another fiancee Alexei just similar to Katie externally.