«Оскар» обвинили в дискриминации по возрасту

Again, the “Oscar” and again, the allegations of discrimination.

Not so long ago, the iconic Hollywood Director James Cameron has stated that he considered the choice of candidates who have to qualify for Academy award unjust. The Creator of “Avatar” and “Titanic” noted that more often the members of the Academy prefer the intricate paintings that are not popular with the General public, ignoring the action, which the audience loved it.

Now, about the discrimination experts talk South of the University of California. Performing calculations on the basis of 25 films over the past three years, which was nominated for an Oscar, they came to the conclusion that it’s often a cherished statuette goes to the younger heroes.

Experts managed to find only two character that were over 60 years — and, interestingly, both played by Michael Keaton (“Birdman” and “In the spotlight”).

Indicators suggest the following: 22.3% of older characters in these films – women, and representatives of any racial/ethnic groups were even less – 10.1%. The authors of the report noted that 14% of the audience of Hollywood movies – it’s just people over the age of 60 years. Older people account for 18.5% of the US population and, thus, do not get decent representation in Hollywood films.