Оскар Писториус получил травмы в тюрьме

On the eve of the Western media the information appeared that the famous murder of his girlfriend paraolympian from South Africa Oscar Pistorius tried to commit suicide by cutting the wrists, but the truth was less dramatic.

Оскар Писториус получил травмы в тюрьме
The athlete, who is now serving his sentence for the murder of model Riva Steenkamp in prison, just slipped and fell, exposing the inertia of the hands that were in handcuffs.
In the end, Oscar injured his wrist and was taken to the hospital. There was convinced that with the hands of Pistorius, everything is fine, and released the prisoner. Or rather, sent back to places not so remote.
Oscar’s brother Carl Pistorius has already explained the situation on his page on Twitter, thus not allowing the tabloids to capitalize on the sensation of a possible suicide attempt of paraolimpic.
“There were allegations that Oscar was trying to do something with them, but it’s not true. All these stories are baseless and stupid. He just slipped and fell, nothing sensational. Don’t believe everything what the papers say. Oscar in fine spirits,” wrote Carl.
Recall that Oscar killed his beloved Riva Steenkamp three years ago on Valentine’s Day. Pistorius was sure shoots hiding in the bathroom of the attacker, but there was Riva, a wound from a hunting rifle would be fatal.

First he was found guilty of manslaughter, but after the scandal in the media Prosecutor managed to convince the court that Oscar did it intentionally. And even the fact that he was in court, took off his prosthesis and on the stumps walked down the hall, not melted the heart of judge. Now Pistorius will have six years to spend behind bars.

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