Оскар Писториус пытался покончить собой
Convicted for the murder of his girlfriend, the champion slashed his wrists.

Oscar Pistorius

The Life Of Oscar
Pistorius almost ended as a result them perfect for the suicide attempt.
The doctors at the hospital where she was taken to the Oscar, managed to save his life. And when
his condition has stabilized, Pistorius is sent back to his cell. About
it reported news Agency EFE.

However, he
Oscar claims he was not trying to take his own life. “I just fell and hurt myself!”
he said. However, as his fall would cause deep cuts on
the wrists of both hands that caused heavy bleeding, a former athlete
to explain and could not. And in his cell during a search, allegedly found
razor blades…

Oscar, in the past, the sixfold champion of Paralympic games, which the reporters called “legless runner,” was convicted in 2014. He was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter
his girlfriend — Riva, Stenback. For it
he was sentenced to 5 years in prison, and a year later he was transferred
on house arrest for health reasons. Pistorius said at the court: he
I was sure that shot an intruder who broke into the house of a robber.

the Prosecutor has considered a sentence too soft and has filed an appeal. And after
a second Oscar already admitted murder and added
another year to his sentence, moving him back to jail. Pistorius tried
to appeal the new sentence, but in vain. And spoke in his defense psychiatrist
Dr. Schultz said that Oscar can not answer fully for their
actions, he suffers from memory lapses and severe depression. The doctor asked
the court again placed his patient under house arrest. However, the judge ignored
the opinion of a reputable specialist. And now, it turned out that he was right:
the result of his depression Pistorius nearly took his own life…

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