MTPL CALCULATION FROM TINKOFF: MAIN ASPECTS OSAGO rates are regulated by law, the Bank of Russia.

State regulation concerns the upper and lower borders of the tariff corridor. Every year there are innovations. They relate to the conditions under which a particular tariff is applied. Much depends on the insurance company (IC). Within the boundaries prescribed by the Central Bank, it sets the base rate. Therefore, the prices of numerous participants in the auto insurance market vary.


More often than not, the underlying approach is to reduce the cost for responsible drivers and increase it for reckless drivers and other violators of the rules of safe driving. There are basic criteria, knowing which, you can estimate the cost of the contract. In addition, various services allow you to calculate OSAGO.
The cost of an auto citizen is determined by multicomponent algorithms. The result is influenced by certain coefficients. The price is calculated by gradually multiplying the tariff by decreasing/increasing rates. The basis is the base rate. It is not homogeneous and depends on a number of criteria:

● Subcategory and type of vehicle.
● Individual or legal entity is insured.
● IC also takes into account the subject of the Russian Federation in which the insured vehicle is located.


● Safety factor. After all, payments depend on the occurrence of an insured event. And it is the least likely for careful drivers. This indicator is also called bonus-malus. Annual accident-free driving makes it possible to reduce the cost of issuing an insurance document.
● Age/seniority ratio. With a minimum length of service, it is classified as increasing.
● Territorial coefficient. Different regions have different driving intensity, road conditions, etc.
● Power. KM shows the capabilities of the motor. Expressed in horsepower. The power factor is directly proportional to the horsepower of the engine.
● Limiting the number of drivers. If the number of drivers is unlimited, the indicator exceeds 1.
● Seasonality coefficient. It depends on the duration of the policy. The COP is lower for shorter policies.
● Duration factor for foreign citizens.

All of these indicators are used by insurance companies and online services to calculate the total amount. At the same time, two coefficients have been canceled in recent years. The first increased the cost of the policy when driving with a trailer, the second – in the presence of violations in the past.
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