Orlov helped Buzova through a very difficult divorce

Орлова помогла Бузовой пережить тяжелый развод The singer told what kind of support was provided by a colleague. Olga Orlova has shared details of communication with Olga Buzova and reflect on what it means to be the chosen one leading “House-2”.
Орлова помогла Бузовой пережить тяжелый развод

About how hard it was Olga Buzova transfer gap with Dmitry Tarasov, perhaps, heard every second. The last six months were for a leading TV project “Dom-2” true test of strength, and she copes. The first time the reality star was unable to hide the pain she was experiencing, and then help came to her not only family members and close friends and colleagues on the set.

For example, Olga Orlova, has only recently become part of a popular TV project, described how it was trying to help his co-host. “Of course, I supported it because it and female, and friendly solidarity. For Oli it was all difficult,” gently said Orlov.

The singer said that very cherishes friendship with Buzova and remembers exactly how and under what circumstances they held their acquaintance. “It happened a couple of years ago in the company of mutual friends, – said Olga. – We instantly liked each other, found the topics of conversation. All this time we communicated well and even could not assume that will lead one project.”

Seeing the situation in which turned out to be a friend, Orlov could not stay away. In addition, the artist believes that her colleague will soon find true love that will inspire and give you strength. Arguing about what should be the male star’s Instagram, Olga noted a number of important qualities required of a potential chosen one Buzova in order to build a strong family.

“First, this person needs to understand her profession. Numerous filming takes a huge amount of time. A man who will take such a mad schedule of the second half, is really to love her, – concluded Orlov. – And Oli the chosen one must not be selfish, because then she will need to devote to it. I think Buzova need a male partner”.

Interestingly, recently Orlov and became His colleagues. And not just because the ex-soloist of group “Brilliant” was the presenter, but also for the reason that the star of “House-2” has joined the ranks of artists of the national stage. As it turned out, and in this endeavor Orlova supports friend. The singer is sure that Buzova a large capacity, which will help her to build a successful music career.

“She is very nice start, it has a great start. Buzova has already captured the hearts of fans as a singer. From a professional point of view I can say that Olga plays good music, she’s good,” he shared his thoughts on the artist in an interview with “House-2”.