Орландо Блума засняли на пляже флиртующим с таинственной незнакомкой
The actor was completely confused reporters.

Katy Perry and Orlando bloom

Recently Orlando bloom again surprised their fans,
appearing on the beach in Malibu with a cute slender blonde that yet
to identify failed. The pair spent on the coast all day, and filmed
their paparazzi testified that Orlando and pretty clearly flirting with
other. Both of them were in good spirits and was obviously very pleased with the society
each other. And if on the shore they have not allowed myself to hug and kiss,
when bloom and the blonde came in the waves of the ocean, they came into “physical contact”.

All this would not be surprising if it
just a few days before raging on the beach scene, Orlando has not been
spotted with Katy Perry, which, as everyone thought he broke up this spring.
Perry and bloom appeared together in Los Angeles, at a concert of the singer Ed Sheeran. Moreover, Katy and Orlando’s not just enjoyed together
show, and in every way showed their closeness. Perry was sitting on the lap of bloom, and
he hugged her gently. Moreover, from time to time, a couple in front
the astonished audience, exchanging kisses. And at the end of the concert, they
drove off somewhere together for a motorcycle of Orlando. After this episode, photo
which hit the net thanks
the pictures taken by spectators in their
mobile phones, fans of the actor has decided that he and Katie are together again. And
now all wonder: who on
really found bloom?

Recall. the novel Orlando and Katie began last
year at the party that followed the ceremony “Golden globes”. However, in March
this year bloom and Perry suddenly made a statement that they are “keeping the love
and respect to each other, decided to leave…”