Орландо Блум хочет семью и детей

Hollywood actor Orlando bloom, star of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, has been a guest on a talk show with Jimmy Fallon, in an interview which said that dreams to have a family and children, and even the recent breakup with Katy Perry did not affect his desire to settle down.

“I want more children. Maybe you have somebody in mind who have fathered a child with me?” — whether a joke, or seriously asked the actor leading.
To see more of his son, bloom refused multiple roles. My son Finn and his mother, ex-wife of Orlando, Miranda Kerr, live most of the time in Australia, while the actor lives in the USA.
Recall that recently the name Orlando came in the context of a sex scandal: bloom spent a night of love with a waitress of the London restaurant and hotel complex Vivian Ross, and then the Manager fired her for inappropriate behavior. Hearing of this, Orlando got a girl’s number and apologized, regretting the incident. But Vivian refuses to regret a night of love and States that bloom is a “very good lover”.