Orlando bloom twisted romance with two beauties

Орландо Блум закрутил роман сразу с двумя красотками
Bloom managed to forget about Katy Perry.

Орландо Блум закрутил роман сразу с двумя красотками

Орландо Блум закрутил роман сразу с двумя красотками

Orlando bloom, who a couple of weeks ago
announced his decision to break up with his girlfriend Katy Perry, does
enjoys newfound freedom. In
now he is having an affair with two girls. This was announced
the online edition hollywoodlife.com.

Flirting with Erin McCabe, daughter of the famous
philanthropist-millionaire, was started from Orlando at the time, when he met with the
Katy Perry. According to one of the friends of Perry, defiance bloom at the party
Vanity Fare
was the last straw that destroyed the relationship of Orlando and Katie. Then a couple
publicly hugged Erin gently caressed the bloom on the cheek, and he kissed her back… And after breaking up with Perry, Orlando
he continued his love affair with McCabe.

But he, apparently, was not enough. Recently 40-year-old bloom had acquired another girlfriend in the face sultry Brazilian Tayla Ayala.
With her he had met at one of the Hollywood parties. And that same night Orlando
left the party not one. In the eyes of the guests, the couple climbed into the car bloom and
left in an unknown direction. About The Tile
it is known not too much. She started acting as a child, becoming a star
youth TV series “Young hearts”. In addition to acting, Brazilian
mastered yet and the business model. Tile quickly became popular, and it is not
hesitated to take part in risky photo shoots. And last year for
magazine Gente she took a picture and all Nude. What
as for marital status Tiles, it has now completely free. Three
years ago she divorced the Brazilian actor Paulo Vilhena and since then has not
in a hurry to remarry. So she may in good conscience build
relationship with Orlando bloom.