Orlando bloom started a new affair

Орландо Блум завел новую интрижку
The restless heartthrob already forgot Katy Perry.

Орландо Блум завел новую интрижку

Orlando Bloom


Nina Dobrev


Orlando bloom, who just last month announced
that broke up with Katy Perry, already got a new girlfriend: it was
actress Nina Dobrev star of the TV series “the vampire Diaries”.

Orlando is one of the most restless Heartbreakers in
Hollywood. Since then, in 2013, he broke up with his lawful wife Miranda
Carr., mother of his only son, Flynn, bloom managed to flirt with a string of girlfriends, including Selena Gomez. So it
affair with Katy Perry, which lasted about a year, can be considered for an actor almost a record
duration. Incidentally, according to gossip, he and Katie broke up over the fact that Katie wanted to create
Orlando family and to have children, and frivolous bloom proved it is not

Orlando is familiar with Nina Dobrev for a long time.
In 2014, according to some sources, he was even with her short
flirt, soon after she broke up with her boyfriend and colleague on the series — handsome Ian Somerhalder. Now that Orlando and Nina once again had one of Hollywood
events, their feelings erupted with renewed force. Recently had the opportunity
to make sure guests of the party held after the premiere of the film The Promise in Los Angeles. They spent the entire evening talking
and “making eyes” with each other. And then, late at night, left the party together.
However, will not last if this flirting is longer than other novels Orlando show