Orlando bloom secretly visited the Donbass

Орландо Блум тайно посетил Донбасс
The star of “Pirates of the Caribbean visited several cities on a humanitarian mission.

Орландо Блум тайно посетил Донбасс

Orlando bloom secretly visited the city of Donbass

Photo: Fotodom.ru

Orlando bloom as part of the humanitarian mission of UNICEF visited the cities of Donbass,Kiev,
Slavyansk and Kramatorsk. The arrival of celebrity to the last moment kept in
the strictest secrecy — about this trip to
the last moment did not know even the representatives of the international organization.

That bloom came to Donbas, it became known
quite by accident. In social network Instagram has pictures of the residents of Slavyansk, on which the actor “lit up” posing near a local school. And some
the lucky ones even managed to take a photo with the Hollywood star.

The real surprise was the appearance of Orlando and for the residents of Kramatorsk.
According to them, no one thought about the arrival of the idol of millions will be known
in such a short time. Said that the appearance of the bloom was limited to the secret
in the vicinity of several schools, and then the actor had to leave undetected.

However, to keep it a secret Legolas could not — saw
legend students immediately began to put his photos in social networks
tearing off the veil of secrecy. By the way, professional protection in a
trip bloom is not taken, the Hollywood star was accompanied by only the members of his team.

Legolas “declassified” by the locals, who actively photographed description of an actor and has posted pictures on the social network

Photo: @orlandobloombr (Instagram)

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