Orlando bloom saved a “good girl”

Орландо Блум спас «хорошую девочку»
The actor is not wasting his time.

Orlando Bloom


Orlando bloom, who is currently filming in China in the blockbuster “Smart
rush: fire and earth”, demonstrated once again that he really
a good heart. Walking through the streets of Shanghai, the 39-year-old actor saw a plaintive side
dog. Examined the dog more closely, Orlando noticed on her side near the hind legs
a big wound. Throwing everything and the actor has placed the animal in a taxi and
went to a veterinary clinic, where furry the patient had the necessary
help. This was told to the website contactmusic.com.

Interestingly, the actor doesn’t just bring the dog in honey. institution, but also
took an active part in the preparation of the victim (she was “the girl”,
as he wrote later bloom in his microblog). Orlando assisted the vet
when he first washed the animal, and
then I cut some wool to treat the wound. And sentence in this case:
“Hold on a bit longer, because you’re a good girl…” Report on the treatment chosen
they dogs can be seen on Instagram of the actor.

It’s possible that Orlando, at the end of the filming, takes his “girl”
in America, because bloom loves animals. By the way, a dog named Sidi,
which is already living at his home, the actor also brought from the shooting: he picked her up in
Morocco in 2004, when he starred in the film “Kingdom of heaven”. By the way,
love bloom to dogs creating problems in his relationship with singer Katy Perry,
which actor currently found. And it’s not that she did not
loves animals, just the opposite! But the fact that Katie is the same desperate “the cat lady” as Orlando “dog person”, but their Pets do not want to be friends…