Orlando bloom presented Katy Perry parents and son

Орландо Блум представил Кэти Перри родителям и сыну Hollywood actor proved that he is a singer with serious. Introducing beloved baby boy, Orlando bloom broke a promise once Miranda Kerr.

      Орландо Блум представил Кэти Перри родителям и сыну

      Last week’s most unlikely Hollywood pair had a small romantic trip to Rancho San Ysidro, near Santa Barbara. Taking advantage of the warm weather, 39-year-old Orlando and 31-year-old Katie long and bitterly kissed on the beach placed along the benches, although, judging by the passions, it would be better to stay in bed behind closed doors. Where they, probably, and so spend all their free time.

      However, Orlando had earned the right to brag a little progress on the personal front. Because Katie was initially reluctant to respond to his advances, believing that the actor is totally not her type. And he had to give all of his romantic repertoire to convince her otherwise.

      Intrigue and love

      It is unknown how well Orlando and Katie knew each other before January 10, 2016, when they flirt at the Banquet after the ceremony of “Golden globes” in Los Angeles launched a rumor mill. The crowd grasping a celebrity actor and singer in one corner. “They were whispering, – eyewitnesses tell. Orlando was bent over to Cathy so that almost touched his lips to her ear, and his hand is comfortably situated on her lower back. Then Katie began to show him the display of his phone, they both laughed. Orlando took it and began to drive there – it is logical to assume that your number”.

      Half an hour later Katie decided to attend another party, and the actor spellbound stretched behind. “At the door she was faced with a group of friends and stopped to chat – continue the story of accidental witnesses. – Orlando then stuck to it. Without ceasing to tweet, Katie seemed to be swirled around his shoulders and began gently scratching the neck. When the conversation ended, they left together.”

      Орландо Блум представил Кэти Перри родителям и сыну

      However, Orlando rejoiced too early. In matters of personal life Katie always contradicted itself: he argued that trying to stay away from home-grown don Juan, but in fact repeatedly fallen in love in such. Two years spent married to comedian Russell Brand, and in a moment of unexpected attack of goodwill toward Orlando experienced another round of romance with another prominent traveler through the bedrooms of famous women, singer John Mayer. Probably Katie just tried to make John jealous or get back at him for treason in the same coin. Bloom left her phone number she doesn’t use – to see her again, the actor had a few days after the Banquet “Golden globes” to get invited to a recital by designer Stella McCartney. However, Katie gave him a cool reception.

      “She didn’t invite him at his table, Orly was sitting far away with a view of the abandoned puppy, say guests of the evening. He tried several times to approach, but Katie tried to avoid meeting face to face.”

      Орландо Блум представил Кэти Перри родителям и сыну

      Golden key

      View of the abandoned puppy does not mean that Orlando is willing to back down, although all of Hollywood thought he has no chance. First, Katie is now at the peak of fame, and the Golden days of bloom is behind us. Secondly, she prefers to meet with the musicians, because with them she always has something to talk about. The only thing that theoretically could link her with the actor, had a fascination with meditation, but on this sparkling relationship can not be built. However, in February, the actor had made invitations to make Katie’s company on a trip to Hawaii, where she had a scheduled concert. Last week, her romance with Mayer turned out to be unpleasant, so that love, affection and sensitive care Orlando come at an opportune moment. From the Islands they returned a couple.

      “Orlando was the first to confess his love to her, and Katie said the same, said friends of the actor. – He is in love with everything she does, wants to be near her all the time to blow the dust off her. Katie appreciated it. She realized that she was tired of extravagant men, she likes that Orli is a simple and sincere guy without dislocations of consciousness.”

      Orlando is so stunned with happiness that they have broken the contract made with his ex-wife Miranda Kerr. Spouses who are not yet formally divorced, promised each other not to introduce the son of Flynn I loved ones earlier than six months from the beginning of the relationship. Bloom could not keep the four weeks, appeared on a children’s party in Malibu, accompanied Flynn and Katie, than have incurred the wrath of Miranda. “She had scolded him for his irresponsibility, say family friends. – She was in pain to consider pictures of Orly, Kathy and Flynn depict a happy family. Orlando said she was too dramatic and possibly jealous. Miranda even after the breakup had on him great power, but Katie put an end to it”.

      Introducing beloved son, Orlando at the first opportunity took her to London and introduced relatives. “After that, Katie finally began to call his boyfriend – say friends of the singer. – From Orly they exchanged keys to their mansions in Los Angeles, gave each other the right to come unannounced, sit and feel at home. Most nights they are still at it, day try to not give up, and now rest together. It is too early to say that the case goes to the wedding, will agree that they are very happy.”

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