Orlando bloom investigates the brutal murder of fairies

Орландо Блум расследует жестокое убийство феи
The actor will return to the world of elves and wizards.

Orlando Bloom

Orlando bloom will be the star of a new sci-Fi
series “Cаrnival Row”. Bloom
will play in the show the main role of the police inspector Rycroft
Of philostratus. His character, living in a certain city, where the streets, along with
ordinary people began to appear fantastic, will
to investigate a brutal crime — the murder of a young fairy. First, they
to understand why the boundary between the real and fairy tale world suddenly became
“transparent,” and that looking for fairies, elves and other incredible creatures in the streets
city. But as the investigation into the character of bloom to solve one more not less
difficult task — to find who is trying to “substitute” the inspector, knocking on
him the blame for the crime…

It is reported that bloom will not only
the lead actor, but also one of the producers of the series. Another
the event will be Travis beacham, which is at the same time the author of the original version
script. By the way, this project has been in development for quite some time.
However, until recently, it “stalled” due to the fact, could not
to find the lead actor. For Bloom
the series will be returning to his usual fantasy world — after all
before he shone in the role of captain bill Turner in “Pirates of the Caribbean”,
Orlando became famous playing elf Legolas
in the franchise “the Lord of the rings”.

As for television, by
this part of the 40-year-old actor, who has appeared in more than three dozen
movies very little experience. It
managed to appear just in several TV series, and the currents in the secondary roles. So it
a character from “Cаrnival Row” will be the first main role of bloom on