Орландо Блум впервые публично рассказал о своих чувствах к Кэти Перри
The actor said that he wants children of his beloved.

Orlando bloom and Katy Perry


Orlando bloom, who
I have never commented on his affair with Katy Perry started in January of 2016, finally decided to tell
about his feelings for the singer. As admitted the 41-year-old actor, who last was
husband of model Miranda Kerr, he could not expect that his twisted love story with Perry.

“For me it was quite strange, especially at first. Katie is an amazing woman, but she’s not quite
my demographic group — it
older. Besides, to the beginning of our
of the novel, I was far from the musical world
and knew very little about her. For me, this turn of events was a complete
surprise. But we don’t choose who we fall in love… it happened, and
now we are very close. Although we have
now very easy: she tours extensively, and I’m busy in the theatre
play. But I feel for
Katie deepest respect and love her very much…” said Orlando. In addition, Blum admitted that he would like Perry children because he gets
great pleasure from communication with their 7-year-old son.

Recall the mother of a child actor Flynn is Miranda Kerr. It
got married in 2010, but three years later they decided to leave.
In a divorce the stars have joint custody over a child. On their successful cooperation in education
son is not at all influenced by the fact that Kerr since married again — for
millionaire’s Evan Spiegel and Flynn gave birth to a baby brother, whom the parents named HART.