Orlando bloom “caught” with Selena Gomez!

Орландо Блума «застукали» с Селеной Гомес!
The actor has already moved on to the next girlfriend.

Орландо Блума «застукали» с Селеной Гомес!

Orlando Bloom

Орландо Блума «застукали» с Селеной Гомес!

Orlando bloom and Selena Gomez

Orlando bloom and Katy Perry

Has not passed also
weeks, as overseas tabloids reported about the altercation Orlando bloom with his girlfriend
Katy Perry, as an actor, it seems, has managed to spin a new novel. One of
visitors of night club Light with
casino in Las Vegas was able to capture on camera in the mobile phone stormy hugs
and kissing bloom and Selena Gomez!

Selena and
Orlando has long been familiar and, at times, allowed herself to flirt a little in public. But
every time he started to spread rumors about their affair, both hard
denied the possibility of occurrence between them of a romantic relationship. “We
just old friends!” — says the actor. However, this time guests
the night club who witnessed the scene that took place that night, it was very
hard to believe that hugs and kisses couples only “pure
friendly”. Besides, it became known that both Gomez and bloom had stayed in the same hotel — Mandalay Bay. However, at the end of the party,
Selena, like, retired to his room alone. However, no one bothered to bloom
to join her later.

This story has become
a complete surprise to all. Because until recently it seemed that bloom and
Perry desperately in love with each other. Moreover, it is claimed that Orlando
preparing to propose to her. And when the lovers happened
TIFF, everybody expected that they will soon be reconciled. However, it seems that the events
began to develop a different scenario…

for Selena, it’s completely free and could be spun
having an affair with bloom. Recently, Selene was able to finally “turn the page” in his
love life, leaving your past romance with Justin Bieber. The thing is,
young people repeatedly back and forth, and these relations, as
Gomez admitted that her quite exhausted. Recently, when one of the last
concerts of the singer some of her fans began waving a homemade poster “Selena,
marry Bieber!”, Gomez furious grabbed it and broke it into small pieces.

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