Orlando bloom apologized to the waitress who got fired after he carried with him the night

Орландо Блум извинился перед официанткой, которую уволили после проведённой с ним ночи

A true gentleman. Hollywood actor Orlando bloom has offered his sincere apologies to the waitress-an aspiring actress Viviane Ross, which fired the leadership of the restaurant and hotel complex Chiltern Firehouse learning that their employee had sex with the distinguished guest.

40-year-old actor got the phone number of 21-year-old girl that was found sleeping in his bed, and apologized.
“Orlando had got somewhere in the room Viviana and called her to make sure she was all right. He said, “I’m sorry that happened.” He was a real gentleman who has the courage to apologize to a waitress,” said the insider.
Recall that bloom spotted Vivian when she served his table. A source close to the former waitress, says that between them incredibly sparks. After the date of the change, Vivian appeared in the room bloom. It was a one night with no further commitments, however, the dismissal of the girl became public.
As it turned out. she arrived from Romania in order to start an acting career. Ross graduated from the Munich film Academy, acted in the movie “One Shot Left” and was going to continue to achterstraat in the UK. To stay in the waitresses she was going, and according to Viviana, she has no regrets, because Orlando was “an exceptionally good lover”.