Orlando bloom and Selena Gomez left a nightclub together

Орландо Блум и Селена Гомес покинули ночной клуб вместе

So it was or not? On Saturday, may 7 Orlando bloom and Selena Gomez were seen not only together, but also left a nightclub in the company of each other.
Recall that the Hollywood actor, star of “pirates of the Caribbean”, and American singer once again gave the fans a portion of rumors about the affair. And this despite the fact that bloom believed her lover Katy Perry with which he appears here and there in over a month.

Perry, as we reported, obviously upset by this turn of events, although not officially confirmed his romance with Hollywood heartthrob.
After its first performance in the framework of the world tour “Revival Tour” 23-year-old Selena and 39-year-old Orlando were spotted at a nightclub. The couple were in a secluded corner of the establishment, obviously not wanting to attract attention to their persons. Eyewitnesses claim that they not only hugged, but kissed, and therefore called their relationship “friendly” would be a mistake.
“Selena tried to communicate with their friends, but Orlando and then attracted her attention,” — said an eyewitness.
But another source is less romantic and sees only a friendly relationship between the celebrities.
“Nothing extraordinary happened. Orlando just was in town and came to congratulate Selena since the beginning of the tour. After the club they left in one car with her Manager, ate hamburgers and went each to his home” — said the source.

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