Орландо Блум и Кэти Перри впервые вместе на красной дорожке

The history of relations Orlando bloom and Katy Perry has UPS and downs. The stars were broken up, back together and it seems to disperse once again not going. Proof of the seriousness of Cathy’s relationship with Orlando is the recent joint out on the red carpet.

The reason for the appearance on the red carpet serious — gala night in Monte-Carlo, organized by the Prince albert II to protect the World’s ocean Gala for the Global Ocean. No vulgarities: Katie and Orlando looked pretty embarrassed. Star didn’t allow herself to promiscuity, occasionally touching each other and exchanging loving glances. He chose to exit the classic black suit but without a tie, it is creamy dress with shimmering sleeved Tom Ford.

But in social media Katie not averse to publicly flirt and talk dirty. Perry “accidentally” expressed his desire to grab the ass of his boyfriend Orlando bloom in the comments in his account instagram, and then completely embodied their desires. The other night, the singer was supported by her lover in the play Killer Joe.

Orlando bloom shared on instagram a trailer of “Killer Joe” where he played a major role. In the play, he played a corrupt police officer Joe Cooper, who hired the Smith family for killing his mother, that should receive the insurance compensation. To pay the killer’s family can not, therefore, in giving a “pledge” daughter Dottie. Katie could not resist, and confused comments with personal messages, where I wanted to write: “I need a subscription for that ass”.

Most likely, the ass bloom has long been owned by the singer. Bloom and Perry broke up in March last year, but as apparently decided to give their relationship a second chance. As reported in the media, before the couple was vacationing in the Maldives, then the insider newspaper the Sun reported that Katie and Orlando are back together.

“They were reunited. And Cathy is reluctant to this time they all turned out. She tried to forget him, but could not. It means a lot. But this time they do not advertise their relationship,” says an insider.