Восточная принцесса, которая рушит все стереотипы

Meet Amira al-Tawil 33 – year-old Princess of Saudi Arabia. Woman’s Day find out why she is admired all over the world.

It is among the hundred most powerful Arab women active in combating poverty and charity. And she is a real Oriental beauty. Only that adorns the cover of gloss and her life is not watching thousands of fans…

The editors of Woman’s Day have compiled the most interesting facts from life modern Princess.

Met the Prince as a journalist

Amir was born in Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia. Father had left the family. And the girl was brought up by divorced mother and grandmother.

And when Amir was 18, she had a real Cinderella story. Amir was honored to interview for the school newspaper, Prince al-Walid Ibn Talal, nephew of the then king of Saudi Arabia Fahd… He was older than Amira for 28 years, but this girl is not confused. And in less than a year, the couple married. So, suddenly Amir was well received in the highest circles of society.

Marriage with al-Walid Ibn Talal lasted 12 years. But common children the couple never showed up. Despite the fact that the Prince had two from a previous marriage.

It was rumored that Amir cannot have children. And supposedly it was spelled out in their prenup. The Prince knew this and still agreed to the marriage.

And still the main cause of separation was too bright and independent image of a Princess, beloved by millions of ordinary people, but obviously annoying the August relatives of the spouse. Not surprising. In a relatively short period Amir became a Princess Diane of the Arab world.

The first took the handkerchief

Amir really destroys all the stereotypes about Arab women. While still a student, she refused the traditional Arab women’s clothing and prefer scarves toilets from leading European fashion houses.

In addition, being married, wayward girl went to study in the States, where he received a degree in business administration.

Subsequently, however, the main activity is public activity. Amir has for many years sought to women in her country were allowed to drive the car and get a job without her husband’s permission. By the way, the Princess has an international driver’s license and never uses the services of drivers while travelling abroad.

Discussed views with the President of the United States

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Now Amir has headed many charities and travels around the world, struggling with the consequences of natural disasters and poverty.

Princess on a par with men involved in the debates on television and radio. For a Muslim country in itself is nonsense!

In 2011, she took part in the session “Voices of change in the middle East and North Africa”, where he argued with former U.S. President bill Clinton!

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